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Lance Brauman Interview

Lance Brauman

Lance Brauman is the former University of Arkansas Sprint and Hurdles Coach and now coach to several professional track and field athletes.

While at Arkansas he guided Tyson Gay and Wallace Spearman to victory over the 100m and 200m respectively at the 2005 NCCA Championships.

The same year Spearman went on to win the 200m silver medal at the IAAF World Championships in Helsinki, while under Lance’s direction Tyson has since broken the American record in the 100m and won numerous medals at the 2007 and 2009 World Championships.

In addition to Tyson and Spearman, Lance is also well known as the coach to Veronica Campbell Brown double Olympic 200m Champion and Bernard Williams 2004 Olympic silver medallist. He currently coaches a squad of professional sprinters in the US including Kelly-Ann Baptiste Debby Ferguson, Shalonda Solomon, Aleen Bailey and Steve Mullings.

In this brief but informative interview, carried out at the 2009 US Track and Field Conference, Lance talks to UKA Development Coach Michael Afilaka about his philosophy and coaching development.

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Comments (1)

  1. Posted by Neil Tunstall on 12/08/2010 at 10:48 AM

    Brilliant - Just what I want to hear about.  This is how I set the programme up through the year.  Here are some specific sessions.  An appreciation that you need the athletes in order to be successful.  You are only as successful as your best athlete of the moment.  There are lots of great coaches without the right athletes to fit their system.  Really interesting, but really simple.  He has a programme that has largely remained the same over many years and it clearly works.  He retains 90% of his programme each year.  If I was in charge of coaching I would publish about three alternative training programmes for each event and pass them to coaches to use and adapt.  I wouldn’t keep sending everyone on more courses, but would get them along to conferences to hear about what the top coaches do with their athletes.

    Two questions for our interviewer.  Lance talked about % of max times - what where these percentages and how did they change through the year.  He mentioned 90-95 in March/April, what about the rest of the year?

    What was the pace for the 40/20 runs?

    Best interview so far. Well done.  Now lets have some more.

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