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NCDP High Jump Update

  • Posted: 16.12.2013
  • Author: Graham Ravenscroft (EA)
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As the festive time nears and with the indoor season will also soon be upon us, the National Coach Development Programme NCDP for the high jump group had has already seen coaches attending and delivering at National Conferences in Leeds, London and Birmingham, as well as joining their LCDP friends at regional cell development days in Manchester, Hull, Thames Valley, Bath and Gateshead. Topics covered at these sessions have included; These sessions have looked at a variety of topics that have included; introducing; getting the technical basics right, fundamental movement skills and how to develop them into functional movement, plyometric development, attention to detail in the coaching process and a variety number of physical preparation topics methods, as well as sessions on planning.

Now that we are in our 5th year of funding we have taken the opportunity to welcome increase the group by 5 new mentees 5 new members to the group (Sarah Hewitt, Dave Walker, Roger Armorgie, Susan Moncrief and Phillip Sergeant) and are also being joined at our national group gatherings by coaches from Scotland and Wales and in a couple of instances, this year, we were also joined at the Manchester and Gateshead workshops, by a coach and athlete from Ireland. As the group grows in confidence and knowledge it is has been great to see so many of the more established members of the group now lead delivering at all of these coach development conferences and workshops and in many some cases, taking total responsibility for the planning and delivery of an entire workshop lead delivering at Network activities all over the country.

Another excellent and well received event was also held by the high jump group when for the first time, with the support of British Athletics Jumps Group Lead Alan Richardson and England Athletics Coach Development Manager Leonie LIghtfoot, we decided to trial a national LCDP workshop, where coaches from across the country were invited to travel to enjoy enjoyed a whole day of presentations that were delivered completely by NCDP coaches mentees. The quality of delivery and level of expertise that was demonstrated by those coaches the mentees (Carol Jackson, Paul Harrison, Joy Bray, John Bancroft & Dr.Deirdre Elmhirst) was of the highest standard and was a true mark of how effective and productive their journeys have been on the programme over the past 4 years. This type of activity is essential to allow the whole national network of coaches to develop in a way that utilises and employs the expertise of their coaching peers, and in a way that ensures the learning experiences of all continues to be shared. In the words of this year’s National Conferences…’Pass it on’

The past 4 years have seen a large proportion number of the group have the chance to experience their first taste of International Team duties. and this This coming indoor season year will hopefully allow us to increase the number of coaches to gain being offered that experience, supporting such opportunities with athletes and coaches being involved in to indoor competitions in Scotland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

As an event we have been very proud of our group's coaches. mentees Mike Holmes, Ian Hill and Carol Jackson, all of whom had their efforts and services to coaching rewarded at this year’s EA awards, with Carol winning the national ‘Hall of Fame’ Services to Coaching award. All were truly worthwhile and deserving recipients.

Carol Jackson and Sonya Ellis also found themselves as finalists at the recent Sports Coach Uk awards.

This autumn we We have already held one National Group get together this year in Loughborough in October and plan to to take a group of 13 of the programme's coaches to the European vertical Jumps Conference next March in Cologne. 14 mentees to that event Additionally we are intending to and also hold a coach development weekend during the Hustopescke meeting in the Czech Republic where our coaches will have a fantastic opportunity to network with the coaches of many of the best high jumpers in the world.


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  1. Posted by Bryan Roy on 10/01/2014 at 04:44 AM

    I have been privileged to have been invited to some of these meetings and have learned a great deal not only as a High Jump coach but as a person. A fantastic program delivered by inspirational people.

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