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Blog: Jumps Update March 2015

  • Posted: 27.03.2015
  • Author: Alan Richardson (UKA)
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Jumps March 2015

Dear Coach,

As another busy indoor season and coach development season ends I want to take the opportunity to both thank and congratulate you all. The volunteer coach is the lifeblood of athletics in this country and we have seen some great performances from athletes coached by NCDP members throughout the indoor season. I think this period is a good time to reflect on some excellent performances and plan for the future, both for our personal coaching but as we plan next year’s coach development calendar.


The NCDP held the year’s final gathering at Brunel University.

- The weekend saw general sessions led by Alan Richardson (Values of the NCDP) Graham Ravenscroft and Susan Moncrieff(working with female performers) and Rob Thickpenny (physical preparation for jumpers- decreasing injury rates).

- Thank you Susan for your excellent contribution to the key note group session and my apologies for missing you off the original email.

- This was followed by event specific sessions that included

- Pole Vault

o Developing the 5m Pole Vaulter (Alan Richardson)

o Why acceleration is important for pole vaulters (Ellie Spain/ Laura Turner)

o Preparing for competition phase (Alan Richardson)

o Fault fixing and interventions (Christian North)

- High Jump

o Developing the approach for the novice jumper

o Event specific physical preparation

o Developing the established performer

o Postural Strength

o Preparation for international travel ( Carol Jackson)

o Peaking when it counts (Fuzz Ahmed)

o Coping with injury (Ann Bach)

- Horizontal Jumps

o Video Analysis – developing technical interventions (Femi Akinsanya)

o Preparing for competition phase (Alan Richardson)

o Coaching Styles (Fuzz Ahmed)

o Practical coaching sessions led by mentees with own athletes to observation and discussion

- Combined Events

o 3 coaches attended jumps workshops in March

o 2 coaches attends throws NCDP day in March

Major Competitions in the UK

Again this year we were able to provide tickets for NCDP and LCDP coaches to attend both the UK Championships in Sheffield and also the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix. 2015 saw 25 coaches benefit in Sheffield and 24 for the Birmingham Grand Prix.


England Athletics hosted both the age group championships for individual and combined events.

Below you can find reports on both of these championships.

Vault Britain Series

Vault London 2015


Sunday 22nd February 2015, Carshalton.

Congratulations if you took part in The Best Ever VAULT LONDON, Pole Vault Event.

You were part of possibly the most successful pole vault competition EVER held in the UK!!!

This was indeed a fitting finale to the 2015 VAULT BRITAIN SERIES.


The performances and the result statistics this year surprised even me, and I have been doing this a very long time.

The number of Lifetime Best Clearances was simply amazing. It was particularly pleasing to see improvements coming from all levels. It wasn’t just the first few competition pools that produced record results; they just kept coming throughout the day! Even from the more established vaulters.

The final statistics are staggering:

99 Competitors Took Part.

• 46 Athletes Produced 100 Lifetime Best Clearances!!!

• 46% of the Competitors Achieved Lifetime Bests

• A further 13 Athletes Achieved Seasons Best Clearances.

• 59% of all the Competitors jumped higher than they have this year.

• Dozens of other competitors also attempted lifetime best heights.

• Andy Sutcliffe Set a Vault London Record.

• We also saw a BRITISH (M50) RECORD and a BRITISH (U15) INDOOR RECORD.

• The Youngest Competitor was just 10 years old, the most Senior 72 years young!

• 7 Competitors Made Their Pole Vaulting Debut. We Launched 7 New Pole Vaulting Careers…

46% of the Competitors jumped higher than they have EVER done before!

59% of the Competitors Jumped Higher Than They Have This Year!

Here’s an interesting one…

The total collective (best) heights cleared was 295.86 metres!!!!

More than twice the height of The London Eye and just 10 metres or so less than The Shard.

Just some of the stand out performances include, 10 year old Gemma Tutton clearing 2.13m and 12 year old Sophia Hepher in her first ever competition clearing ten consecutive heights on the way to making 2.13m. 14 year old Frankie Johnson improved his Personal Best FIVE times before narrowly missing at increasing the British Under 15 Record. Leading Under 17 performer Andrew Douglas was also in impressive form, increasing his Personal Best three times, keeping the crowd entertained at the end of the day by clearing 4.52m.

At the other end of the age range, Greg Conlon attempted to raise the British M40 Record and will undoubtedly be successful very soon. Another Masters pole vaulter who is in fabulous form at the moment is Mark Johnson who increased his own M50 Record to 4.54M before missing in his attempt at the European M50 Record. Frankie Johnson also increased the British Under 15 Indoor Record to 4.23m. Keeping the Record theme going, Andy Sutcliffe was also in record breaking form. Running almost the entire length of the indoor area at Carshalton, Andy produced the highest ever clearance at Vault London with his 5.34m performance and was oh so close at 5.50m too. Great to see him back in good form.

Well done to all of the competitors who put on a fabulous show with so many impressive performances. The future of British pole vaulting looks very bright indeed….

Interesting Reading this Month

A number of interesting articles have come up this month and can be found attached and at the links below

· Steve Fudge – Balancing the Programme from the European Speed Conference




· Jeremy Fisher discusses the US approach to HJ planning


Articles Attached

1. An interesting read by Director of Sport at Millfield School on early diversification in training.

2. Dan Pfaff’s brief and debrief sheet for coaches and athletes

3. Pole Vault Roundtable with some internationally recognised coaches

4. The enemy of excellence in youth sports

5. The Perils of single sport participation


Alan Richardson

National Coach Mentor Lead- Jumps and Combined Events

Team Leader- Great Britain u18 Team, World Youth Champs 2015

England Athletics


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