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Children’s Coach - Mark Hill - First Session Back

  • Posted: 14.09.2012
  • Author: Amy Ashford (UKA)
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September 11th 2012

For the first time I split the academy into three groups based on chronological age due to the large numbers:- 9yrs, 10/11yrs and 12/13yrs.  I figure that the more advanced/developed in each age group would assist in demonstrations etc, throughout the session.  The two older groups went with Paul (Coach) and Nathan (Coaching Assistant), they completed 2 sessions: - 1 jump based and 1 sprint.  We were focusing on a good ‘high’ knee action in both disciplines using a variety of agility hurdles.  Each session lasted 30 mins using this technique.
I took the youngest group 9yr olds, we went down to the adjacent Rugby pitch to do our session – I had 14 kids in total 7 boys and 7 girls, my plan with the younger kids was to use as much of the weekend work as possible.  I marked out a 10m x 10m area with cones and did the ‘traffic light’ warm up for 3 mins, then let the kids choose each action and continued for another 3 mins.  First unit of session ‘throws’ where they chose either a bean bag, a vortex javelin or a tennis ball and took it in turns throwing over the rugby posts cross bar.  Then put the skill into a game of two team’s boys vs. girls, where they all threw and then collect opposition’s objects and place them in a hoop.  The boys won easily in the first game, but in the second game I moved the boy’s hoop an extra 10m further away from their throw line allowing the girls to just edge them out, parity restored.  As the game finished it started to rain and the grass soon got wet.  Endurance Unit :- even paced running where we ran around the outside of the 2 rugby pitches yes me too!!!  As the temperature was falling I thought this would keep the kids warm.  We finished up joining with the middle group for 15/20 mins of sprint races on the track.
A successful session despite the numbers, I know there are more ‘activity’ based sessions as opposed to ‘coached’ sessions but the structure I learned over the weekend made them more focused.


To follow Marks progress through his Childrens Coach learning click here.



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