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London 2012 Olympic Games Reports

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Dear Coaches,

So it's Christmas and soon 2013 will be with us! However, before we wave goodbye to 2012 we have a special project for you - the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES REPORTS - created jointly by the team at England Athletics and UKA. Below you'll find links to several events and over the next week I'll be making a few more live every day. So come back to this page often to see the latest releases!

London 2012 Olympic Games Reports


Pole Vault by Alan Richardson, David Lease, Scott Simpson, Tim Snowdon

Triple Jump by John Crotty, Peter Stanley, Femi Akinsanya, Graham-Smith and Jones

High Jump by Denis Doyle and Graham Ravenscroft

Long Jump by John Crotty, Peter Stanley, Femi Akinsanya, Graham-Smith and Jones

Sprints & Hurdles:

Men's 100m Report by Michael Afilaka

Women's 100m by Hayley Ginn

Sprint Hurdles by Neil Wheeler

Women's 200m by Clarence Callender 

Men's 200m by Clarence Callender

400m Hurdles by James Hillier

400m and 4x400m Relay by Tony Hadley

4x100m Relay by Jonas Tawiah Dodoo


Heavy Throws by Malcolm Fenton with the assistance of Emily Parker and Tom Crick

Javelin by David Parker

Women's Hammer by Malcolm Fenton

Men's Hammer by Malcolm Fenton

Women's Discus by Malcolm Fenton

Men's Discus by Malcolm Fenton

Women's Shot Put by Malcolm Fenton 

Men's Shot Put by Malcolm Fenton 


Women's 800m by Dave Sunderland

Men's 800m by Jenny Harris

Women's 1500m by Jenny Harris

Men's 1500m by Alasdair Donaldson

Women's 3000m Steeplechase by Dave Sunderland 

Men's 3000m Steeplechase by Jenny Harris 

Women's 5000m by Dave Sunderland 

Men's 5000m by Alasdair Donaldson

Women's 10,000m by Paul Moseley 

Men's 10,000m by Paul Moseley

Women's Marathon by Martin Rush 

Men's Marathon by Alasdair Donaldson 

Women's 20K Race Walk by Dr. Andrew Drake 

Men's 20k Walk by Martin Rush 

Men's 50K Race Walk by Martin Rush

Combined Events:

Combined Events by by Julie Hollman, Kerry Eddie and Melanie Curds


While we are discussing updates, for those Endurance and Jumps coaches I am using my Xmas break to finally put the finishing touches to a few LEARN modules which will be released shortly including Event Group Endurance and Jumps Specific Concepts modules.

Have a very Merry Christmas and look out for more great content in 2013!




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