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Shot and Discus Blog September 13

  • Posted: 17.09.2013
  • Author: Malcolm Fenton
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As previously mentioned by Rob Earle, one of our remits as NCM’s is to start to raise standards by impacting onto the LCDP and beyond, to ensure that we have 1. Greater understanding of the technical and physical skills required for athlete performance and 2. That we get a steady stream of up-skilled coaches moving into the NCDP and beyond.

By working directly with CCSO’s to ensure we support developing coaches we aim to help give them the skills and knowledge to move their athletes onto higher levels and eventually as Senior performers.

With that in mind I have looked at the age group performances in Shot & Discus over the last 3 years to see if anything is changing that may reflect improvement in coaching.

I would like to mention that this year we have had some very good performances culminating in Nick Percy, Greg Thompson, Shadine Duquemin (DT) and Sophie McKinna (SP) representing GB at the Euro U20 champs and Adele Nicoll, Kai Jones (SP) and Georgie Taylor (DT) representing GB at the World Youth Championships, and all performing very well.

So we do have some exceptional performers through the age groups but these tend to be single athletes or at most two in an age group. What we really need to look at is how many are achieving the UK target for each age group and the performance of 10th place as an indicator of how strong we are in each discipline.


2011 was exceptional with Kai Jones throwing 18.01m to go 6th all-time, but in 2012 & 2013 we still had very good lead performers throwing over 16m. 10th place varies between 13.50-14m across the 3 years, but we need to look at 14m+ being the minimum distance for 10th place.


Again the lead performers in 2011 & 2012 were very good and threw over 14m with Sophie Merritt going top of the all-time list in 2012 and Adele Nicol going to 3rd all-time in 2011. This year hasn’t seen quite that level of performance but when we look at 10th place then it has been very consistent over the last 3 years at just over 11m. We need to look at getting more girls over the UK10 target of approximately 11.70m


Kai Jones has led the rankings for the last two years, going to 3rd on the all-time list this year with 19.45m. 10th place has remained consistent over the last 3 years between 14.60-14.92m, but we need to raise this towards 16m if we are going to consistently have performers competing at World Youths and then moving strongly into the U20 age group.


Lead performances over the last 3 years have been consistent ranging between 13.64-13.98m, which equates to approximately 10th on the all-time list. 10th place has been between 10.88-11.31m and this needs to move up to beyond 12.50m, especially as this year we had a multi-event athlete throw beyond this distance(all be it a very talented athlete). Sophie Merritt has performed well in the first year of this age group and will hopefully go over 14m next year.


Lead performers have been at a high standard for the last 3 years, and this year Alfie Scopes performed well in his first year so should be well over 50m next year. 10th place has been relatively consistent between 38.80-40.66m and again it is this distance that needs to move up to closer to 45m.


Again good performances from the lead performers over the last 3 years, especially this year with Sophie Mace moving to 2nd on the all-time list with 42.06m, to add to her strong performance in the shot. 10th place has been between 32.44-33.96m, and it is this that we need to move up to closer to 35m.


A very strong event over the last 3 years if you look at the lead performers, 2011 saw Nick Percy throw 62.96m for 1st on the all-time list, 2012 saw Matt Blandford go 3rd all-time with 59.76m and 2013 has seen George Armstrong throw 52.45m in the first year of the age group. 10th places have ranged between 45.11m-47.47m with this year being the furthest.


Again this has been a strong event if we just look at the lead performers over the last 3 years, but the weakness is the performances at 10th place. This has ranged from 35m in 2011 to 38m in the last two years and we need to raise this over 40m.

So to summarise, we do have some very good athletes leading the rankings but we need to raise the standard at 10th place and look to have 10 athletes over the UK10 target in each event in each age group.

Hopefully by having more coaches on the LCDP and NCDP programmes we can up-skill coaches with improved technical and physical skill requirements that will support them in producing better quality athletes that can go on and represent their country in International competitions.


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  1. Posted by Andy Brittan on 17/09/2013 at 01:42 PM

    Adele Nicoll threw 14.33m on Saturday 14th September to win the UKSG at Sheffied to move up to 5th on the UK all time list for u17 women Shot.

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