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UKA Qualifications from 2010

  • Posted: 16.09.2015
  • Author: Mel Hainke
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UKA Qualifications from 2010

Information on the philosophy and proposed strategy for the new UKA Qualifications that started Spring 2010 can be found through the following links and in summary below:

UKA Coaching Qualifications Podcast

Q&A on the NEW Coaching Qualifications Structure

*Please note that the old UKA Coaching Courses (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4) were run until April 2010 when they were replaced by the system outlined below. Individuals who undertook the old system do not have to recertify to continue coaching - in the same way that people who took O-Levels did not have to retake GCSEs when the new qualifications came into effect*

What do you need to know about the new coaching qualifications structure?

The new structure has been created to cater for the needs of all individuals who wish to assist athletes with their athletic preparations.

Several roles have been identified and a number of qualifications proposed within each role. Under the new structure all roles are regarded as being equally valuable in the sport and where appropriate the system is flexible. This enables individuals to choose a pathway that meets the needs of the athletes they’re working with as well as their own personal aspirations.

What’s happened to the old Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4 courses?

The "level based" UKA courses stopped being delivered on 1st April 2010. They were replaced with the new courses (LiRF, Coaching Assistant, Athletics Coach, CiRF etc). More information on courses that are now available can be found below and from the navigation bar. (This can be found to the right of this box).

If you already hold one of the old ‘level based’ qualifications and wish to continue with the coaching qualifications process, you should now attend one of the new courses. Details of the courses that are now available can be found below. Alongside this, to clear up and confusion and help you decide which qualification is next for you; you can download the Q & A document. This document clarifies how your old qualification fits in with the new structure. 

I am currently a qualified coach under the old UKA Levels system do I have to take a new course in order to continue to coach?

No. There is no requirement for anyone to take another course in order to continue to coach. It is totally your decision if you would like to take further qualifications. Your current qualifications will remain with you for life as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions associated with them.

Why the change from the "Levels system" to this new "Roles" structure?

The levels system did not cater for coaches working with various athlete populations outside of senior track and field athletics. Under the new structure there are awards for coaches working with children, developing athletes, seniors and adult participation athlete populations. In addition there are Leaders awards for individuals who want to help out in clubs but do not want to take full coaching qualifications.

Why the change from the UKCC programme that was advertised during 2008/9?

The decision was partly financial; coach education needs to be affordable and it was believed that the cost of the UKCC courses would have been prohibitively expensive.

Course material will now be integrated into an online and distance learning format where possible to maximise the free uCoach resource. There will therefore be a requirement for candidates to access content on uCoach both pre and post course.


How does informal coach development fit into this?

Working with the Home Countries, we’re providing a rich and diverse system of coach development which is incredibly flexible to your needs as a coach: Conferences, Masterclasses, coach get-togethers and other activities will all form part of the programme.

I am currently a qualified UKA coach, what will happen to my qualification?

If you are a Level 1,2,3 or 4 UKA coach or hold CiA, LiRF or FiRW licences, these qualifications will remain with you for life as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions associated with them.

So if I’m currently a Level 1 coach what are my options if I choose to take further qualifications under the new proposed system?

Level 1 coaches are encouraged to move into a coaching role and enter the system through either the Athletics Coach or Coach in Running Fitness awards. However, level 1’s who would like to refresh their skills can undertake courses aimed at individuals working in Coaching Assistant roles.

If I’m currently a Level 2 coach what are my options if I choose to take further qualifications under the new proposed system?

There are several options available for Level 2 coaches:

  • For those working with developmental athletes and who may wish to work across multiple events groups, you should consider the Athletics Coach award.
  • Those working with athletes at the Event Group stage of development should take the ‘Event Group Coach’ Award. 
  • Those Level 2 coaches working predominantly with adults in an off track environment should take the ‘Coach in Running Fitness’ award.
  • For those Level 2 coaches who have considerable experience and have developed their coaching skills independently of current coach education system through informal coach development and mentoring, you may wish to consider the challenge of the Master Coach award when it becomes available.

If I’m currently a Level 3 or 4 coach what are my options if I choose to take further qualifications under the new proposed system?

Coaches who currently hold a Level 3 or Level 4 licence can choose to undertake any of the courses that fall within the coach role; they may wish to take an award that meets the needs of the athletes they are predominantly coaching or aspire to coach, or they may wish to take the Specialist Coach or Master Coach assessment when they become available.


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