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UKA Coach Building A Better Coaching Environment


Welcome to uCoach!

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Welcome to uCoach! This project has been many months in the pipeline and is now up and running.

I’m currently writing this from my hotel room at the International Festival of Athletics Coaching in Glasgow, where I have been busy filming and audio recording as much of the content as possible. Those of you who were here in person will have probably seen me rushing frantically in and out of the presentations carrying a multitude of bags and equipment. Over the next few weeks we will slowly be releasing a lot of the content I have captured along with a variety of other material.

We’re launching the site with a small selection of content which will be added to on a weekly and even daily basis. Keep an eye on the various subject areas as information is added.

First up we have three interviews with Lee Valley Performance Centre Director Dan Pfaff. Dan is without doubt one of the top coaches of Elite Athletes in the world having coached numerous Olympians including 1996 Olympic 100m Champion Donovan Bailey. Dan’s interviews are conducted by Loughborough High Performance Centre Director Derek Evely and brought to you in conjunction with the Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre (CACC), - - a site originally conceived by UKA’s Strategic Head of Coaching and Development Kevin Tyler. If any of you have not yet visited the CACC I would urge you to do so immediately. Not only do they have hours of freely downloadable audio but also some amazing videos from various presenters including Dan Pfaff, Gary Winckler, Wynn Gmitroski and Kari Ihalainen. To access the video simply click on the “Media Manager” section of their site and sign up.

Secondly, we have three videos brought to you in conjunction with England Athletics, which explain some of the fundamental concepts surrounding “how to coach” using an involving style. Initially we have two introductory videos that outline the basic concepts of using an involving style and informal coach mentoring. Then having watched those two I suggest you check out the javelin practical module where you see England Athletics National Coach Mentor Tim Newenham put these ideas into practice. I’ve been using this form of coaching for several years now and once you get used to letting go and getting the athletes involved it really does improve their learning. Asking the right question at the right time is a powerful tool to reinforce technique and get the athletes thinking about their own performance.

Finally, we have a great interview with Andy Jones, Chair of Applied Physiology at the University of Exeter on his recent study into the affects of beetroot juice on exercise efficiency in humans. For those endurance coaches out there who work with athletes who are always looking for ways to improve their performance beetroot juice could be a very safe way to make an immediate impact! Not only does it seem to work but it goes some way to towards one of your five a day portions of fruit and vegetables!

Talking of getting your five a day, some of you might like to check out the free download “Eat and Drink Like A Champion” which provides information for coaches and athletes on nutrition for athletics

So there you have it, the first day of uCoach. Please use the comment forms to leave feedback under the relevant source material and we'll add further coaching material later in the week.




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Comments (3)

  1. Posted by Phil Banning on 04/11/2009 at 12:10 PM

    At last! A UK coaching site that is easy to manouver around,  topical and most informative. Well done to all involved in putting this together.

  2. Posted by Norman Gardiner on 06/11/2009 at 02:43 AM

    I tried to login giving my username and password and it indicates my name is not in the database.  So how do I login?

  3. Posted by Tom Crick on 08/11/2009 at 03:12 PM - Admin Comment

    Regarding the Login. This is a feature of the site that we will launch later in the year so it does not work for anyone at present except for those people who are responsible for updating content on the site. When this feature is launched you will be able to access some of the advanced features uCoach has to offer.



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