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Health and Safety Information for UKA Coaches

Key Sections:

Dangerous Incident


Major Injuries

What To Do In The Event Of An Accident Or Dangerous Incident

Dangerous Incident

1.Notify the facility where the incident occurred.
2.Complete the UK Athletics Accident /Incident report form.


1.Notify the facility where the incident occurred
2.Record the following details;

  • date and time of accident
  • details of the injured person 
  • name of event and promoter
  • description of accident with diagrams and/or photographs if possible
  • nature of injuries
  • details of any first aid and names of first aiders
  • names of any other persons present
  • details of the reporting person.

In the case of a reportable accident (i.e. an accident in which the injured party is likely to require medical treatment) the UKA Accident / Incident Report form will need to be completed by the reporting person.

Please note that in the absence of medical staff the person in charge of the course must decide on the appropriate level of medical assistance.
In the case of any major injury the injured person must report or be taken to the nearest accident and emergency hospital. This will entail calling the emergency services.

Major injuries include :

  • Any fracture, other than to the fingers, thumbs or toes
  • Dislocation of the shoulder, hip knee or spine
  • Loss of sight (whether temporary or permanent)
  • Any injury resulting from an electric shock
  • Any burn
  • Any head injury
  • Any injury leading to unconsciousness or requiring resuscitation

All accidents and serious incidents must be reported to UKA. This can be down either by downloading a form or reporting on line by following the link below:


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