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Futures Programme Athlete Interviews

In this section we will include interviews with athletes who are on the UKA Futures Programme.

Featured Athletes

Andrew Pozzi

Kate Avery

Kola Adedoyin

Dan Clorley

Robbie Grabarz

Annie Tagoe


As a young athlete, Andy Pozzi (Stratford-Upon-Avon), the UK under-20 60m hurdles record holder, benefited from training with his more senior counterparts in the under-20 age group; now, as an under-20 himself, he’s training with a group of senior athletes who are motivating him to improve even further. [READ MORE]


It’s refreshing to see the face of teenage internationalist light up at the mention of representing her country. Not that selection is ever a given; in fact, for the majority, earning a GB & NI vest is only a distant dream, but for this athlete in particular - a double European individual medallist in 2009 – you’d be forgiven for thinking that the novelty had worn off. It definitely hasn’t. [READ MORE]


USA-born and of Nigerian origin, Kola Adedoyin has grounds for divided loyalties over the course of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. There’s no denying where his heart lies however, “I’ll be supporting England,” he confirms, “I’ve lived here since I was five years old....” [READ MORE]


The University of Birmingham, courtesy of its Sport Scholarship Scheme, is playing an integral role in the sporting development of Luton’s Dan Clorley, the English under-23 1500m champion. [READ MORE]


Robbie Grabarz says he’s always enjoyed taking things apart and putting things back together again; “it’s a challenge,” he says. “I had an old Beetle and I did it all up – I’d buy an old car and work on it to keep it on the road.” [READ MORE]


Annie Tagoe has every reason to get frustrated at the endless stream of journalists who ask her if she was disappointed to finish outside of the medals at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in August 2010. [READ MORE]


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