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UKA Athlete Development Pathway - uCoach

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UKA Athlete Development Pathway

The UKA Athlete Development Pathway is a simple model that illustrates the different ways athletes can develop with age.

The pathway highlights the requirement for athletes to possess a range of skills and attributes that are appropriate for their current stage of development. Furthermore, it addresses the challenge faced by athletes that enter the sport at an advanced age, who may need to readdress key deficiencies in their developmental in order to reach their full potential. This last point is especially significant to Athletics because it is a sport in which individuals can excel even if they begin formal training at a relatively mature age.

For the coach the ADP is a reminder of the factors that need to be considered when working with any new athlete. For UKA, the Athlete Development Pathway informs decisions regarding content creation for formal Coaching Qualifications as well as all informal coach development work.

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