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Speed to the Max with Vern Gambetta


Vern Gambetta

Following the success of the Vern Gambetta Building the Complete Athlete workshop in 2012 (FULL video available HERE) we are delighted to announce Vern is coming back to the UK to deliver his SPEED TO THE MAX 2 Day Workshop. This is a chance to learn from a true legend in speed development, athletics and strength and conditioning.


Speed is arguably the defining factor in most sports from rugby to wrestling, sprinting to soccer. But how do you develop that super athleticism in your athletes, in yourself or your clients?

This course will answer these questions and so much more. Vern will cover every aspect of Speed Development. The course is delivered by a true legend in athlete preparation with over 40 years of genuine high performance experience.



The concept of Sport Specific Speed and an in depth look at developing sprinters and speed in general.

Biomechanics of Speed

The key concepts that are required in coaching. Learn all about ground reaction forces, contact times, horizontal versus vertical force production and gain a greater understanding of the sprint model in this model.

Posture, Arm Action, Leg Action (PAL)

Paradigm, progressions and regressions to get the best from your athletes. This fundamental coaching sequence will be explained in depth. Vern will show his unique application of the system that has led to elite sprinters and multi sport athletes setting personal beasts for over 40 years.

Designing your sprint session

Including functional warm-up progressions leading into speed mechanics. Putting together the session is a key part of the process of actually getting faster! In this section of the workshop Vern will show how to ensure your athletes are ready to train for speed and then how to progress the speed session to get the most from them at all times.

The Mechanics of Speed

This module covers starting and acceleration mechanics, absolute speed, optimum stride length and frequency. You’ll learn what you should be looking for in your coaching, how to utilise video to provide effective feedback and how to time your coaching interventions to ensure your athletes gain the understanding and learning that you want from them.

Multi-Directional Speed and Agility

This module covers the transfer of straight line speed to sports requiring agility and multi-directional movement mechanics. Learn how to take you athletes to the next level when it comes to changing direction.

 Analysis and Evaluation of Speed

How do you know when your improving? This module will teach you simple tests and give you simple tools to evaluate performance gains, along with more in depth analysis of the sprinting mechanics so you know exactly WHERE to make the changes that are required for improvements.

Strength Training for Speed

 Learn about how to get your athletes functionally strong, dynamic and explosive using Verns strength and power training principles that have developed performance athletes for over 40 years.

Programming for Speed

Learn all about how to design speed, strength, and performance programmes that will bring the best out of your athletes all year round. Learn about WHEN to emphasise strength and work capacity, when to train for absolute speed, how to build robust athletes and keep people injury free.

Plyometrics, mobility and flexibility training

Learn how these 3 tools can be applied to build serious speed and athletisicm in your athletes. How to coach, programme, progress and regress to suit the population or individual you work with.


Vern’s experience transcends many sports and his knowledge has come from decades of high performance work with athletes and coaches.

This course is perfect for coaches working with athletes requiring high levels of speed and athleticism. Specifically sprint coaches, athletics coaches, technical sports coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic development professionals, sports medicine specialists including physiotherapists and medical staff, and indeed anyone with a desire to learn from one of the best in the business over the last 40 years.

Vern rarely delivers these workshops and is in demand across the globe for his innovative presentations and thought process. This is an opportunity to get into the depths of his training process for 2 days!

Venue details

Leeds Metropolitan University

Leeds Met Carnegie

The course is taking place at Leeds Metropolitan University, at the Carnegie Campus. Carnegie has a huge heritage in producing athletes and the Carnegie campus is a beautiful place to spend a couple of days. Upon registering you’ll be sent all the details for the workshop including places you can look at staying for the weekend.


The cost to attend the two-day masterclass is £399 BUT, if you book BEFORE 11th August it costs only £359! 

** There is also a 15% discount for ALL VALID UKA LICENSED COACHES ** To get this discount please enter the discount code please enter 15PERCENTOFF at the website check out.

To book and find out more information including more about Vern Gambetta, please click here. 

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