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Quick start guide

Further details & step by step answers

How are myATHLETICS Portal and uCoach linked?

How do I find my username and password?

The 'forgotten password' link I have been send doesn't seem to work!

How do I change my email address linked with uCoach?

How do I change my uCoach password?

How do I find my username and password for myATHLETICS Portal?

How do I change my email address linked with myATHLETICS Portal?

How do I change my myATHLETICS Password?

Who is eligible to access LEARN?

Further questions


LEARN is uCoach's online learning platform. Through LEARN eligible coaches can access a number of online coaching qualification modules.

Currently the following courses are available through the LEARN platform:


NOTE: YOU MUST HOLD A LEVEL 2 (except CIA) OR ATHLETICS COACH QUALIFICATION IN ORDER TO ACCESS 'LEARN' - please see the Event Group Award FAQ for full details. Otherwise the following steps will not work for you.

1. Login to uCoach using your username and password.

All coaches are automatically set up on the system and sent an email containing the details. If you did not receive this email or not know your username or password please watch the Quick Start Video below to learn how to retrieve them. To complete some steps related to retrieving your username and/or password you may need to access myATHLETICS Portal.

If you want more detail about any of the steps then this second video below explains each step in detail. This video is 8 minutes long but watching it is the fastest way to get your details. To complete some steps related to retrieving your username and/or password you may need to access myATHLETICS Portal.

For a few coaches the above information will not resolve their problems. If you have followed all the steps detailed in the video above and after 24 hours things still are not working then please fill in the CONTACT US form with as much information as possible and we will investigate your issue and hopefully resolve the problem within a few days.


2. Click on this link to go to access the LEARN platform. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN AND ELIGIBLE TO TAKE THESE QUALIFICATIONS (Level 2 or above, or Athletics Coach) FOR THIS LINK TO WORK. For a full list of eligible qualifications please click here.

If you click on the link and all you get is the uCoach homepage AND you are sure you are eligible then please use the CONTACT US form and we will work to resolve this issue.

3. Click on the EVENT GROUP COURSES and course you would like to enrol on.

4. Click on the 'enrol me' button to gain access to the content. See the video below for a walk through of how to do steps 2-4.

5. Start exploring straight away or watch the 'How to use LEARN video' at the top of every LEARN page for advice on how to get the most out of the online platform.

Further Detail and Step by Step Answers

What is the relationship between myATHLETICS Portal and uCoach?

**The following information is taken directly from the script for the "How to change your data on uCoach and myATHLETICS Portal" above **

myATHLETICS Portal and the uCoach website are two completely separate sites which work together to allow you to gain access to coaching resources and maintain your coaching license.

myATHLETICS Portal is the website through which you can view and update the information UKA hold about yourself. The data held on this site was originally collected when you enrolled on your first coaching qualification and includes items such as your email address, phone number and postal address.

It is important to keep the information on myATHLETICS Portal up to date because it is used to send you reminders about when your coaching license or CRB check are due to expire and it’s data is also used to drive the uCoach website so you can gain access to coaching resources and qualifications.

uCoach is UKA’s dedicated online coaching resource. It provides you with access to coaching development resources and for those who are eligible a number of online coaching qualifications.

uCoach myATHLETICS Portal Link

With the exception of the password used to access it, uCoach is driven by data held on myATHLETICS portal and so it is important to understand the relationship between the two sites and how to make changes to your data.

Let’s start with myATHLETICS portal. This already contains information about you based on the details UKA collected when you first became a coach or that you have subsequently updated.

Your username for myATHLETICS Portal is your unique reference number (URN) or your default email address already on the system. You can use either your URN or your default email address as your username, it’s up to you.

Your password for myATHLETICS portal is randomly generated although you can change it. This password is NOT necessarily the same as your uCoach password unless you set it up that way.

Having logged into myATHLETICS PORTAL you can quickly see your URN. You can also view and edit the information UKA hold about you including your Email Address, Phone number and Postal Address.

It is really important to ensure you keep your email address up to date on myATHLETICS portal because this will be the address to which UKA email your password if you forget it, which in todays busy world will probably happen regularly.

It is also important to ensure the email address you use is not a shared address as this can cause problems for the system.

For example if a husband and wife are both coaches and both have the same email address on myATHLETICS portal the ‘forgotten password’ functionality may fail as the system will not know which persons password to send as they are both linked to the same address! So please ensure a unique email address is linked to your profile.

Let’s now take a look at uCoach. Your uCoach account is automatically created based on the data held on myATHLETICS portal and when changes are made to your myATHLETICS PORTAL data they are automatically updated on uCoach, though it can sometimes take upto 24 hours to synchronise.

Your uCoach username is your URN from myATHLETICS Portal and you cannot change it. The email address used in uCoach is always the default email address on myATHLETICS PORTAL and you cannot change it on uCoach, only by changing your data on myATHLETICS PORTAL.

Your uCoach password, however, is unique and can be different to the one you use for myATHLETICS PORTAL. That is why it is highlighted in blue in this graphic. All the other data in uCoach is taken from and driven by myATHLETICS portal as signified by the red text.

How do I find my uCoach username or password?

To find your uCoach username or password click on the “Forgot username” or “Forgot password” graphics on the RED bar at the bottom of every uCoach page.

Then put in you email address, which will be the default email address registered on myATHLETICS PORTAL. You will then receive and email from uCoach with instructions on what to do next. This email is sent the second you press the SUBMIT button so please check your JUNK mail folder if you cannot find it. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to arrive depending on which email service you are using.

If you get a note that ‘the email address was not found in our database’ then you have either typed your email address wrong or it is not the one held on myATHLETICS portal. You will need to got to myATHLETICS PORTAL and change it there.

I have used the 'forgotten password' link and have been sent a password by email. However it does not seem to work!

Firstly, the password you have been sent DOES WORK, we have investigated this on numerous occasions and it has always worked eventually. However, you may need to consider the steps below:

  1. Refresh the homepage before entering the password. Sometimes the old password is held in your system's cache.
  2. If you have just received your password wait a few minutes and try again. Somtimes it takes time for the new password to filter through the system and become active. Sometimes it can take upto 1 hour so be patient.
  3. Try copying and pasting the password into the RED BANNER at the bottom of every uCoach page.
  4. If none of the above items work wait 1 hour and then try and login using a different browser. For some reason changing browsers can resolve this issue on come computers. You can also try logging in from a different computer.

Once you have logged in change your password on uCoach - see below for details.

How do I change the email address associated with uCoach?

If you need to change your email address associated with uCoach you will need to go myATHLETICS portal and change it there. It can not be done directly on uCoach.

How do I change my uCoach password?

If you want to change your uCoach password you first need to login via the RED BANNER at the bottom of every uCoach page. 

Then click on the MY PROFILE link in the red banner. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘edit your profile’.

You can now create a new password under the ‘edit your profile’ heading. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and lick on the SUBMIT button to save your changes.

How do I find my username and password for myATHLETICS PORTAL?

To  find your username or password for myATHLETICS PORTAL.

First you go to myATHLETICS PORTAL and then click on the ‘Retrieve User Name or Password?’ link.

To retrieve your password please fill in your username and click the GENERATE PASSWORD button. Remember your username is either your URN, which in many cases is your coach license number which is printed on your coach license and can also be found under the Personal Details section of myATHLETICS PORTAL.

Alternatively you can use the default email address held on myATHLETICS portal. You will then be sent an email with instructions on what to do next. Once again remember to check your junk email folder if it does not turn up after a few minutes.

If you do not know your username or the email address linked to your myATHLETICS PORTAL account then the quickest way to obtain this is to PHONE your home country coaching contact (England Athletics, Welsh Athletics, Scottish Athletics or Northern Ireland Athletics – the details of each home country can be found by searching google or looking at the QUALIFICATIONS > HOME COUNTRY CONTACT page on uCoach) and they can update your myATHLETICS Portal profile over the phone.

PLEASE NOTE do not phone UKA as we do not manage this service and you will eventually be redirected to your home country contact.

Alternatively you can email but it make take some time for them to get back to you so if you need your details urgently it’s faster to phone your home country contact.

How do you change the email address associated with myATHLETICS portal?

It is really simple, just login on myATHELTICS portal and then click on the ‘yellow pencil’ on the right hand side of the screen under emails and update your address, make sure it is selected as DEFAULT and press save. Please make sure you type your email address correctly as it is easy to make mistakes.

REMEMBER this email address will also be used on uCoach but it can take upto 24 hours for the changes to take place.

In the instance where you no longer have access to the email address stored on myATHLETICS PORTAL and so cannot access the emails which would allow you to discover your password the only option is to call your home country contact and ask them to update the email address linked to your coaching profile with one that you can access.

You can then use this email address as your USERNAME and gain access to your password through the ‘Retrieve Username or Password’ link on the myATHLETICS PORTAL homepage, which we detailed earlier in this video.

How do I change the myATHLETICS portal password?

To change your myATHLETICS portal password you first need to login if you haven’t already and click on the ‘change password’ link on the left hand side of the page.

Who is eligible to access LEARN?

In short, you must hold a Level 2 qualification (with the exception of Level 2 Children In Athletics) or an Athletics Coach qualification or higher qualifications. For those who want the detail an exhaustive list of coaching qualifications that are accepted, it is available below:

If you have ANY of the qualifications in the liste below you ARE ELIGABLE to access LEARN:

  • Level 2: Endurance
  • Level 2: Jumps
  • Level 2: Speed
  • Level 2: Throws
  • Level 2: Fell & Mountain Running Coach
  • Athletics Coach
  • Level 3: Discus 
  • Level 3: Hammer
  • Level 3: High Jump
  • Level 3: Hurdles
  • Level 3: Javelin
  • Level 3: Long Distance
  • Level 3: Long Jump
  • Level 3: Marathon
  • Level 3: Middle Distance
  • Level 3: Pole Vault
  • Level 3: Shot Put
  • Level 3: Sprints
  • Level 3: Steeplechase
  • Level 3: Triple Jump
  • Level 3: Ultra Distance
  • Level 3: Walks
  • Level 3: Combined Events
  • Level 4: 100/200m/Relay
  • Level 4: 400m Hurdles
  • Level 4: 400m/Relay
  • Level 4: Decathlon
  • Level 4: Discus
  • Level 4: Hammer
  • Level 4: Heptathlon
  • Level 4: High Jump
  • Level 4: Javelin
  • Level 4: Long Distance
  • Level 4: Long Jump
  • Level 4: Marathon
  • Level 4: Middle Distance
  • Level 4: Pole Vault
  • Level 4: Shot Put
  • Level 4: Sprint Hurdles
  • Level 4: Steeplechase
  • Level 4: Triple Jump
  • Level 4: Ultra Distance
  • Level 4: Walks

If you ONLY have one or more of the qualifications in the list below you are NOT ELIGABLE to undertake the Event Group Qualifications:

  • Leader
  • Children In Athletics
  • Fitness in Running and Walking
  • Club & Childrens Leader
  • Leadership in Running Fitness
  • Leadership in Running Fitness FMR
  • Level 1 Assistant Coach
  • Coaching Assistant
  • Level 2 Children in Athletics
  • Coach in Running Fitness
  • Childrens Coach
  • Level 3: Coaching Young Athletes
  • Level 3: BAF Strength and Conditioning
  • Level 3: Fell and Hill
  • Level 4: Coaching Young Athletes
  • Level 4: BAF Strength and Conditioning
  • Level 4: Fell and Hill

Further Questions

If you have any further questions please check the Event Group Coach FAQ.

If the answer to your question is not in this FAQ then please use the comment form below to submit your question. The answers will then be added to the the Event Group Coach FAQ.


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