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Athletics 365: Section 21- Challenges

21. Pole Vault

Pole vault requires a combination of strength, speed and agility. Athlete should practice carrying, planting and swing through drills.

The pole vault is a highly technical event. The pole vault is broken down into the following phases: Approach, Plant, take off, penetration, rock back, stretch and turn, bar clearance and landing.

Athletes should practice running drills and carry, approach and plant drills.

We recommend that qualified pole vault coaches lead athletes through these challenges.


Stage 4 Purple Challenges

21a) Hold the pole with hands shoulder width apart.

21b) Pole is held in 'V' formed by thumb and first finger of right hand (if right handed).

21c) Left hand is placed above the right hand, with the thumb closest to the body and elbow underneath the wrist.

21d) Keep pole tip high to start.


Stage 5 Blue Challenges

21a) Undertake a push/plant drill on ground.

21b) Demonstrate relaxed running technique and good upright posture when carrying the pole (no backwards lean).

21c) Step into and swing on the pole with control (upper arm is fully stretched above head with arms shoulder width apart)

21d) Maintain a firm upper hand grip throughout the swing, with the pole moving forwards at all times.


Stage 6 Black Challenges

21a) Hold pole with tip at eye level in preparation stage.

21b) Fully extend hip, knee and ankle at take off.

21c) From two stride approach, swing on the pole into a sand pit with control (arm positions as per Blue).

21d) Land on feet, and bend knees to cushion impact.



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