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Athletics 365: Section 23 - Challenges

23. Javelin - Tennis Ball, Howler & Turbo Jav Throw

A Pull throw refers to a Javelin, Tennis Ball, howler or Turbo Jav throw. Athletes should look to practice developing a good range of movement around their shoulders and develop good coordination in their throwing action.

Athletes must keep their elbow above shoulder height for all pulling throws.

All challenges are based on a Right Handed Thrower, please reverse challenges for Left Handed Throwers.                                               



Stage 1 Red Challenges

23a) Demonstrate a standing two handed overarm throw, bending then extending the arms at the elbows (Football Throw).

23b) Demonstrate a standing single handed overarm 'Tennis Ball Throw', extending the arm at the elbow, with visual follow through.


Stage 2 Yellow Challenges

23a) Demonstrate a standing two handed overarm throw, stepping into the throw (Football Throw).

23b) Demonstrate a standing single handed overarm 'Tennis Ball Throw' with flicking action through the wrist and fingers, with visual follow through.

23c) Stand side on, with left foot forwards, looking ahead over the left shoulder.

23d) Throwing arm held extended backwards and is then pulled forwards rapidly, bending then extending at the elbow.


Stage 3 Green Challenges

23a) Demonstrate a single overarm throw (as Yellow to Green) with rotation through waist to increase force (Tennis Ball Throw).

23b) Demonstrate a standing single handed overarm pull throw (as Green 23b), stepping into the throw (left foot in front).

23c) Identify preferred pulling arm.

23d) Correctly hold Turbo Javelin and Howler.


Stage 4 Purple Challenges

23a) Demonstrate Tennis Ball Technique (Red to Yellow) with a Turbo Jav, Howler or equivalent.

23b) Demonstrate a single arm throw (Turbo Javelin/Howler) as Purple 23a with three stride approach (left, right, left).

23c) Correctly hold a Javelin in hand demonstrating either 'Thumb and first finger' grip or 'Thumb and Second finger' grip.

23d) Correctly explain the safety elements and rules relating to javelin.


Stage 5 Blue Challenges

23a) Demonstrate a standing frontal throw with a javelin (appropriate weight).

23b) Standing Throw: hold the javelin back with an extended arm and palm high (facing towards the sky).

23c) Standing Throw: stand side on with feet shoulder width apart, left foot in front with foot pointing forwards.

23d) Standing Throw: the free arm is reached out in the direction of the throw when the throwing arm is held back.


Stage 6 Black Challenges

23a) Standing Throw: extend the right leg at the knee and ankle to drive the right hip forward over a straightened left leg.

23b) Standing Throw: after the hip drive, pull the javelin 'through the point' with the elbow high and close to the ear.

23c) Standing Throw: free arm is rapidly brought into the side of the body, with the shoulder remaining as far forward as possible, creating a stretch of chest.

23d) Standing Throw: keeps body high (straight) release position.



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