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Athletics 365: Section 24 - Challenges

24. Discus – Including soft Discus, Bean Bag & Quoit

The Sling throwing action refers to a Discus, quoit, hoop or bean bag throw. Athletes should ensure they keep a long relaxed arm action when using the sling throwing technique. Athletes should also practice pivoting to aid their discus throwing.

All challenges are based on a Right Handed Thrower, please reverse challenges for Left Handed Throwers.



Stage 1 Red Challenges

24a) Demonstrate a 'Sling Throw' with long arm and relaxed shoulder (Using a Hula hoop, Quoit or bean bag).

24b) Demonstrate a 'Sling Throw' with tall upright posture and good balance.


Stage 2 Yellow Challenges

24a) Correctly hold a Discus (soft discus) in hand, with fingers spread comfortably across the implement.

24b) The rim of discus rests across the finger pads.


Stage 3 Green Challenges

24a) Bowl the discus on the ground to a partner, releasing off the index finger.

24b) Flip toss the discus in the air (forwards and upwards) releasing off the index finger.

24c) Demonstrate a single arm sling throw with rotation through waist, to increase force.

24d) Identify preferred slinging arm.



Stage 4 Purple Challenges

24a) Standing Side Throw: start with left shoulder in direction of the throw, feet 1 1/2 shoulder-width apart.

24b) Standing Side Throw: swing Discus backwards and then pull forwards, pivoting on the right foot (right handed thrower).

24c) Standing Side Throw: turn the right heel out while pushing the right hip forwards and blocking with the left leg.

24d) Standing Side Throw: release the discus about head height, releasing off the index finger.


Stage 5 Blue Challenges

24a) Standing throw from Power Position: start with shoulders square to the back of the circle.

24b) Standing throw from Power Position: demonstrate 'Power Position' with left toes in line with the heel of the right foot (right handed thrower).

24c) Standing throw from 'Power Position': demonstrate 'Power Position' with a 'Chin-Knee-Toe' alignment.

24d) Standing throw from 'Power Position': swing the discus backwards-upwards with palm down (do not break the movement).


Stage 6 Black Challenges

24a) Standing throw from Power Position: initiate the throw with a vigorous action of the right hip and leg turning to the front.

24b) After the hip has driven, pull arm through long, fast and last.

24c) Keep the arm 'long and relaxed' throughout the throw.

24d) Left leg, then hip, brace prior to release (transferring force).

24e) Increase the weight of the Discus while maintaining technique.



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