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Athletics 365: Section 25- Challenges

25. Hammer – Including Soft Hammer

Hurling Throw refers to Hammer and soft Hammer.

The Hammer is a unique throwing event where the athlete must move in harmony with the implement rather than simply just applying force to the implement.

Athletes should look to practice the hammer technique while maintain good posture and balance. Athletes should also work on keeping the arms long and relaxed and the angle, height and speed of release when throwing a hammer.

All challenges in this section are based on a Right Handed Thrower; please reverse challenges for Left Handed Throwers.


Stage 4 Purple Challenges

25a) Demonstrate a dynamic heave throw with straight back.

25b) Demonstrate a dynamic heave throw with rotation through waist to increase force.

25c) Demonstrates a dynamic heave throw with arms extended throughout the throw

25d) Demonstrate a dynamic heave throw moving the ball from low to high (releasing high).


Stage 5 Blue Challenges

25a) Demonstrate a dynamic heave throw with an increased weight (1 - 3kg D ball /medicine ball)

25b) Demonstrate a dynamic heave throw now using adapted equipment (quoit on a rope, small ball in long sock, large ball in a bin liner or rubber hammer)

25c) Demonstrate correct grip of hammer. Handle held in the left hand (placed on the middle section of the fingers) and right hand covering the left hand

25d) Uses a strong but relaxed grip, with hands making a U shape and with thumbs held crossed or parallel. (Athletes preference).



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