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Coaching as a Business

HMRC now provides a range of digital services and products, specifically designed for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), as they face key business life events such as starting in business, taking on employees, VAT and incorporation.

The following ‘e-learning’ package (see link below) has been tailored specifically with sports tutors and coaches in mind. These are proving popular amongst our partners because of their accessibility and flexibility. The packages are broken down into modules, which the customer can ‘dip’ in and out of at their own convenience. This fits in with different lifestyles, workloads and schedules.

Tax for Sports Businesses – this includes information such as registering with HMRC, status, National Insurance, expenses and record keeping.

Links to this and other services can be placed on your website, within newsletters, ‘e-zines and e-lerts’, or placed on Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).

There are also ‘Webinars’ (Online Seminars) on offer, and these can either be pre-recorded or ‘live’, and again these are on a range of subjects. They can be accessed via PC’s, Tablets and smart phones provided they have internet, making this product accessible at the convenience of the customer, fitting in with varying lifestyles! For more information on webinars, please click here. We may be able to provide your organisation with webinars solely for your members.

Other useful guidance includes Tax Fact Help Sheets, record keeping Apps and website links including Help and Support for Businesses and

Finally there is a You Tube link which also provides a quick insight into the help available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) which you may find useful to host

Help and Support for New and Growing Businesses - YouTube.



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