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Mentoring and Support

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England Athletics Coach Development Programme

To take part in the National Coach Development Programme you must be an active Level 3 or Level 4 coach, keen to learn and committed to the future of athletics in England.  There will be a limited number of places available initially, but further places will become available over the next 4 years.

The mentoring programme aims to support you, the coach and offers regular contact with a National Coach Mentor, an individual development plan tailored to your needs and goals, and access to top level support services, technical conferences and workshops.  In return, you will be asked to participate fully in the programme's activities and to pass on what you have learned by mentoring up to two other coaches in your local area,  thus cascading best practice through all levels of the sport. In this way England Athletics will be able to build a network of supremely qualified coaches to ensure a great future for our sport for 2012 and beyond.

If you are a level 2 or less experienced level 3 coach or wish to take part in a more local programme of support then the Local Coach Development Programme may be right for you. Club and Coach Support Officers will bring groups of coaches together on a regular, local basis. Again, this programme will be defined exactly around the needs of you, the participant in the programme. We will hold group sessions for coaches and athletes, small seminars and workshops. We will also make available specific opportunities for individuals.

To apply or for more information visit the England Athletics website



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