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Assessor Roles

Assessing with others and within a team is best evidenced on the Observed Practical Assessment (OPA) Day. The Assessing Team on the day is generally made up of two people.

  • Lead Assessor
  • Assessor

Lead Assessor Role:

  • To communicate with the HCAA representative prior to the day regarding venue booking, registers and staffing. At this point they should be informed of any specific needs or issues that will arise on the day of the assessment (e.g. no flipchart).
  • To liaise with the rest of the assessor team prior to the day
  • Ensure all relevant assessment paperwork is brought to the day.
  • To ensure the day runs effectively, fairly and to time.
  • To be responsible for dealing with any issues that are either resolvable on the day (e.g. 3rd OPA being needed if time) or need referring to the Appeals Procedure.
  • To brief the candidates and assessors on the process to be followed and the order of assessments.
  • They will be responsible for collating all results and registers, and submitting these electronically to HCAA representative. They are NOT responsible for typing in other assessors findings on the OPA Forms.
  • Following the role of the assessor below.

Assessor Role:

  • To follow the UKA Assessment process as detailed in the UKA Assessor Guidelines, documenting your findings clearly and positively.
  • To organise the assessment area prior to arrival of candidates.
  • To set a supportive and open climate for attendees.
  • To mark if, as and when required any Knowledge Tests
  • To attend the briefing and contribute in anyway needed to reassuring candidates and setting the climate.
  • When assessing the OPA element of the course and a candidate has passed this, it should be communicated to the Lead Assessor and added to the summary sheet for the day. Where candidates have passed the OPA, assessment forms should be handwritten and returned to the relevant Home Country within 5 days. Where candidates are referred on the OPA, these forms must be typed with a copy sent to the Home Country.
  • To reflect on the OPA day with the Lead Assessor and establish any actions from it.

Assessment Guidance for Coach Level Courses 2016

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IV Role 2017

England Athletics Internal Verifier Role:

England Athletics Internal Verifier Role 2017

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IV observation template to be used on course:

IV Observation Template 2017

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