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Athletics Leader

Athletics Leader - Course Overview

Role of the Athletics Leader

The Athletics Leader will assist in youth development athletics sessions working with a Supervising Coach. There may be a number of Athletics Leaders that support the Supervising Coach in delivering a session. The Athletics Leader will be provided with a task card or cards to become familiar with. They will be expected to manage small groups of young athletes and deliver the task card activities. The Athletics Leader will clearly explain the activities and provide demonstration of the activities. The Athletics Leader can expect to discuss the card requirements before the session with the Supervising Coach and afterwards to review how the session went.

Who should go on this course?

The Athletics Leaders Award course is primarily for those working with young athletes or athletes in the early stages of the athlete development pathway and is aimed particularly at adults, e.g.  parents and grandparents, and those that are interested in helping out at their local club.

It is important to note that this is not a course about individual athletics events; for example, Athletics Leaders will not learn how to grip and throw a javelin but will be introduced to the underlying principles of throwing. In short, the Athletics Leaders Award is a recommended entry pathway towards coaching as it covers the core – and essential - skills of organisation, safety, instruction and explanation, organising groups and managing behaviour. To build on this fundamental information, individuals can progress through the coaching development pathway.

What does the course cover?

The Athletics Leaders Award covers the following topic areas:

• The role and responsibilities of an Athletics Leader
• Working relationship with Supervising Coach
• Principles of running, jumping and throwing
• Run, jump and throw task cards
• Warm ups for children
• Athlete development
• Behaviour management
• Factors influencing performance
• Leadership skills: Safety, Organisation, Instruction and Explanation, Demonstration.

What resources are available?

Access to the Leaders supporting resources is through a personal log in to the Athletics Leaders section of the site. Athletics Leaders resources will include:
• A selection of on course task cards and video clips
• Run, jump, throw clips
• On Track 4 cards
• Athletics Leader’s workbook
• Course Power Point presentation
• Behaviour management scenarios
• Videos of working with Supervising Coach
• Personal action plans
• Background information on warm up and stretching

How does this role fit into a club setting?

The Athletics Leader (or a number of Leaders) will work with a Supervising Coach in the delivery of run, jump and throw athletics activities.
While an Athletics Leaders Award licenses and insures an individual to work from task cards leading groups of young athlets in run, jump and throw activities across the fundamentals and foundation stages of development, the Leader must be under the direct supervision of a coach within visible and audible range. To meet the insurance terms of the Leaders license, the Leader should not be left on another side of the facility away from the Supervising Coach.


Anyone wishing to attend an Athletics Leaders Award will need to complete an application form and sign up to the terms and conditions of being a leader. Forms should be submitted to the education team in the relevant Home Country.  All applications must be accompanied by a photograph which will appear on the Leaders license.

In addition to the application to be licensed, Leaders also need to complete a UKA CRB or Disclosure check. A Leaders license cannot be issued without a CRB. CRB checks are not transferable between sports and other organisations therefore UKA must have a new check made. The CRB itself is free for club volunteers.  For details on how to arrange a CRB check follow this link.

Once individuals have paid for and attended a Leaders course, they will be issued with a personal log in to access the Athletics Leaders section of this site which will include resources to view, download and print, as well video clips relating to the course and the leadership role. Prior to attending the course it is  strongly recommend that individuals familiarise themselves with the layout of task cards used on the course and watch a video clip to see the card activities in action [coming soon].

What should I expect on the day?

The course is a full day (9am – 5pm) with a mixture of classroom and practical sessions, although the majority of the day will take place in a practical environment. There is an element of physical activity throughout the day so you should come dressed for light exercise. If there are any medical reasons why you cannot take part in activity you should let the tutors know at the beginning of the day. Throughout the day you will be expected to actively engage in all sessions. You will be expected to lead groups running task card activities and act as athletes whilst others are leading. There should be both a morning and afternoon break and a 45 minute lunch break.

What do I need to bring?

You will be provided with an on-course workbook to record any learning from the day so you only need to bring a pen. It would be useful to bring a drink as we cannot guarantee access to refreshments at all venues. Please note that lunch is not provided.

How do I book?

To make a course enquiry, booking or for further course information including price, contact the education team in your Home Country - Scotland, England, Northern Ireland or Wales (depending where you live). UKA do not run courses so do not contact UKA.

Pre and Post Course Material

Pre-course and Post Course Material for candidates can be found under the Athletics Leaders Qualification navigation panel on uCoach.



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