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Below are a number of resources to assist you in your delivery of the Coach in Running Fitness Course. Please note that these will be continuously updated and more resources added. 

From January 1st 2016

New candidates commencing on the Coach in Running Fitness course will no longer need to complete a coaching diary or use PebblePad. The assessment structure will change, lengthening the practical assessment time and requiring candidates to bring and evidence a Mesocycle plan, in addition to their session plan. The plan will be discussed with the candidate as part of an extended second review at the Observed Practical Assessment (OPA) day. The changes affect new candidates from 1st January 2016 only. 

These changes to the assessment process have resulted in alterations to the tutor notes and PPT slides for some sessions of the course. Below you will find updated tutor notes for the course, we direct your attention to the following areas to assist in your preparations:

New Tutor Notes

Coach in Running Fitness

Day 1 Session 6

Day 2 Session 4 – regarding the health and safety assessment

Day 2 Session 7 – 7.3

Day 2 Session 8 - 8.4

Day 2 Session 9 – 9.1

Day 3 Session 8 – 8.3 – 8.4 

Some of the changes are as subtle as the removal of reference to PebblePad or the Coaching Diary, others are larger. If you are scheduled to deliver Coach in Running Fitness day 1 and beyond for new cohorts from January 2016 it is essential that you bring yourselves up to date with this content change. Please download and read all the material, we will be holding WebEx sessions throughout January to discuss changes and ask any questions prior to your delivery. It is imperative that this version of the course is delivered so please ensure you are up to date with the changes and have the opportunity to ask questions where clarification is required.

NOTE: Candidates who commenced the Coach in Running Fitness course prior to 1st January 2016 will still complete their course using the current coaching diary via PebblePad.

Please note that you will require Adode Acrobat Reader to download the pdf files. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be dowloaded below:


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