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Educator Conference 2016

Conference Resources

The following are the resources associated with the Educator Conference that took place in Birmingham on Saturday 3rd September 2016.



The following video and PDF is the presentation that Dan Parkinson and Jen O'Brien delivered, to introduce the RunTogether programme. Additional resources and information with regards to RunTogether are available via the RunTogether website

Conference Key Note - Rachel France

Rachel’s professional career in the fitness industry spans 2 decades from when she started as a professional cabaret dancer travelling overseas across Europe & the Far East.

Her professional qualifications are diverse, ranging from manual therapy, Fitness Instructor, Counsellor and BWL Coach to holding QTLS, Assessor and IQA awards. She was also an integral contributor into the development of the Biomechanics Coaching™ Diploma & is Programme Director of the iMoveFreely® Instructor group exercise programme.

As Managing Director of Biomechanics Education™ Rachel is now training up a large team of Master Trainers across the UK to maintaining the high standard of delivery they are famously reputed for and to support the huge demand for these workshops and courses.

With many years of experience lecturing, presenting and teaching across the UK and internationally, Rachel continues to do so while maintaining a small client base from both GB professional level to amateur athletes. Her true passion is empowering individual’s to ‘raise the bar’, so to speak, in the fields of Olympic Weight lifting, strongman, power lifting & body building.

The following video's are of the session that Rachel delivered, with the aim of delivering something slightly different to what we may have had before, but also to highlight the importance of being learner centred.




 Workshop Presentations

Chris Jones - England Athletics CEO

Chris presented to the Conference on the value placed on the Tutor workforce and the important part we have to play in delivering high quality programmes across England. He also gave an overview of where we are at currently, as an organisation, which included highlighting our Mission, Aims and Values.

Chris Jones Closing key Note (pdf file, 1.0Mb)

Georgina Williams - Emotional Intelligence

An introduction to emotional intelligence. What it is, what it can help with, what you can do about it.


Emotional Intelligence - Georgina Williams (pdf file, 743kb)

Kurt Lindley - Maximising Engagement

A broad title for a workshop which may have a common theme – conflict or challenge. How do you best go about maximising engagement when there is an air of conflict in your session? Maximising engagement in these situations often start with working on ‘you’ and how you prepare yourself for the conversation (whether that’s in the seconds before you talk or the time leading up to the interaction).

A couple of questions to ask yourself in this session are….can you hold two opposing views at one time without a bias?….can you start a conversation which is emotionally charged without holding an opinion?

This session will aim to help you to stay in control of yourself, your purpose and your emotional energy, by taking you through a 4 step model:

Step #1: Inquiry – Cultivate an attitude of discovery and curiosity.

Step #2: Acknowledgment – Showing that you’ve heard and understood the perspective

Step #3: Advocacy – When is it your turn to talk

Step #4: Problem-Solving - Building solutions collaboratively (co-owned)



Maximising Engagement - Kurt Lindley (pdf file, 1.0Mb)

Jamie French / Linda Low - The Art of Co-Delivery

  • To explore concepts of co-tutoring and joint delivery
  • To explore actions that lead to effective co-tutoring and joint delivery
  • To identify potential barriers to effective co-tutoring and joint delivery
  • To create an action plan to increase personal effectiveness in co-tutoring and joint delivery



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