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LIRF - Tutor Resources

LiRF Tutor Resources

Below are a number of resources to assist you in your delivery of the Leadership in Running Fitness (LIRF) course.

Please note that you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download the resources below.

Get Adobe ReaderAdobe Acrobat Reader required to view PDF files. Download here

On-Course Resource Pack

Click below to download the LiRF Resource Pack, cover and internal pages. Please note that this has been replaced by the course workbook (since 2014)


NEW On Course LiRF Power Point

Please download the UKA Power Point Presentation below for use on the Leadership in Running Fitness Course.


UKA Tutor Notes (NEW)

The Leadership in Running Fitness Tutor Notes can be download below. Please note that these will be updated accordingly and it is your responsibility to ensure that you prepare from and take the most recent Tutor Notes on course with you.

All other on-course coach resources listed below can be found alongside the Leadership in Running Fitness Post Course Information.

  • Set of 7 stretch cards
  • Set of 12 session cards
  • Set of 4 planning cards
  • Session plan template
  • Sample group register
  • Sample risk assessment
  • Disclaimer and personal details form
  • Accident and injury report form
  • Contacts and further information


To complement the technical knowledge you acquire on the course you will also need to develop your skills in relation to how this information is delivered. In order to assist you in developing your coaching skills we have provided a visual model of the key skills required when coaching. These coaching skills are introduced and reinforced on the course. Familiarise yourself with the style and layout of the card and they will be discussed in more detail on the course.

How 2 on Track 4 Cards (pdf file, 2.54Mb) 



Click below to download a full set of the on-course stretch cards for Leadership in Running Fitness.

Download Stretch Cards Here (pdf file, 0.67Mb)


Get Adobe Reader


Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view PDF files. Download here


The Great Western Run 2009 video is to be used during Session 5 to lead into the factors that influence fitness.

The RunTogether Video is to be played at the start of the day, whilst participants are arriving, as well as during the lunch break.

Both videos can be downloaded via the download button at the bottom right hand corner of each video.


RunTogether Resources

From May 2017 Lead Tutors on LiRF will now order RunTogether running bibs and promotional leaflets for distribution on course. The process for this is explained on the briefing note below:-

Briefing Note for Ordering RunTogether Resources

Get Adobe Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view PDF files. Download here

RunTogether Promotional Leaflet

Get Adobe Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view PDF files. Download here



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