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Research & Development


On this page you will find a range of research papers and articles that explains the science behind some of the key technical messages delivered on course. In general research articles are quite dense with scientific terminolgy during the main body of the document, however the key findings and recommendations can be more easily interpreted in the Abstract and Conclusion sections.

Coaching Skills

Application of Reversal Theory

By Dr. Matt Long and David Lowes (2013)


Seated Shot Put - What’s it all about?

By Alison O'Riordan and Laurent A. Frossard (2006)

Biomechanical analysis of the javelin at the 2005 IAAF World Championships in Athletics

By Masatoshi Murakami, Satoru Tanabe, Masaki Ishikawa, Juha Isolehto, Paavo V. Komi, Akira Ito (2006)


Energy System Contribution in Track Running

By Rob Duffield and Brian Dawson (2003)

Aerobic Power

By Matt Long & Jamie French

Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair Racing Sports Science: A Review

By Rory Cooper, PHD (1990)


Medicine Ball - A Conditioning Tool

A presentation by Rob Thickpenny

Strength Training for Children and Adolescents

By Benjamin, H.J. and Glow, K.M.; The Physician and Sports Medicine, Volume 31, No 9, September 2003

Warming Up

High Intensity Warm Ups in Middle Distance Running

By Dr Matt Long and Jamie French



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