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Tutor Meetings & CPD Resources

Tutor Meeting Series April / May 2016

The following are the presentations and the notes of the meetings that took place across England during April and May 2016.





North Area Tutor Meeting - September 2014

A short session was covered around the background to Physical Preparation and how this relates to the changes to the new Athletics Coach and CiRF courses. It also has great relevance to our understanding and delivery of the courses that sit below the Coach level courses. Below is a video of the session that Jamie French and Steve Nolan delivered. Whilst watching the video, consider how you may answer some of the questions posed by either the delivers on the video, or the participants challenging the deliverers. In addition, whilst observing the brief practical activity, please use page 33 of the Athletics Coach Workbook, as your matches / mismatches template.




[video to be uploaded]

July 2014 Coach Level Tutor CPD

Following the succesful CPD weekend held at Aston Conference Centre over the weekend of 20th / 21st July 2014, please find below the presentations that Rob Thickpenny and Dave Rowland delivered regarding Multi Jumps and Multi Throws in relation to their integration of Physical Preparation within the new Athletics Coach and CiRF courses.





Following the successful workshops held in Birmingham over the weekend of the Olympic Trials (23rd/24th June), please find below an overview of the workshop content and the associated presentations;


Science Behind Delivery [Jamie French]
Jamie's workshop introduced the concept of tutors 'looking beyond the tutor notes', specifically with reference to the Coaching Assistant and Athletics Coach courses. Understanding the 'Science Behind Delivery' can help to contextualize the information delivered on course and how each event group shares fundamental principles that link one event to another. The technical principles behind the jumping events were used as a vehicle to explore this relationship.

Building High-Quality Relationships [Sarah McQuade]
Sarah's workshop introduced tutors to some fundamental Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools that can be used to help build effective relationships. NLP provides a number of strategies and techniques that can enable us to build even more effective relationships, some of these tools were explored in a practical context during the workshop.

Inclusive Coach Education [Liz Purbrick]
Liz facilitated an interactive workshop that challenged tutors to consider 'What is Inclusion' and 'Why is inclusive course delivery important'. The workshop highlighted the support available for tutors and additional information and training that will be available soon.



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