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UKA Tutor Licence

Licence Scheme

The UKA Tutor Licensing Scheme supports all Tutors, Trainees, Assessors and Trainers in their role within the Coaching Education Framework. Only a licenced UKA Tutor is permitted to deliver the UKA coaching qualification programmes, consequently individual coaching or leadership licences must be up to date with an Enhanced Disclosure check.

Individuals wishing to be allocated to tutoring or assessing on UKA approved courses must apply for a Tutor Licence. The licence provides authorisation that the Tutor has met a minimum level of training and carries insurance whilst delivering the UKA Coach Education program. The Licence is intended to demonstrate that a particular Tutor has met minimum standards and has agreed to abide by the licence terms and conditions.

The Licensing Scheme as a whole is intended to ensure that UKA can provide the Home Country Athletics Associations with a workforce that is reliable, professional and proficient. UKA will provide the Home Countries with access to an up to date list of all licenced UKA Tutors from which they can allocate to courses. This information will be available to them through the Trinity database.

UKA appreciates the essential role that tutors play in our sport and we thank you for investing your valuable time in obtaining your Tutor Licence. 

It’s important that you carry it with you whenever undertaking any tutoring activity. This licence may look different from others that you have seen in colour and style. The colour of your licence is based on its expiry date; therefore, coaches will receive different colour licences depending on that date.

Please note that in order to renew your UKA Tutor Licence you must have attended at least one coaching and/or tutoring CPD event per year. You must also hold an up to date Enhanced Disclosure Barring Service Check (DBS) with UKA.



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