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SHARE Founding Members List

SHARE was founded at the inaugural SHARE Conference in 2012 when 28 coaches and leaders from across the Great Britain came together to share their experiences of coaching Athletics. Each of the presentations was filmed and archived on the SHARE platform when it went live on the 5 November 2012.

Today SHARE is intended as a platform to enable coaches to share information and to help develop a culture of shared learning among British athletics coaches. Through SHARE you are encouraged to communicate your experience and expertise so that others may benefit from what you have discovered.

Since SHARE is a brand new platform there will inevitably be some issues with it that we will need to mend. If you discover a bug please let us know via the 'Contact Us' form.

*** Please use the NAVIGATION menu to your RIGHT for more Help on using SHARE.***

Getting Started:

In this section we will explain how to get started using SHARE.


In this section we will explain a little about what Copyright is, how you can avoid infringing on other people's copyright and how to complain about an infringement of your copyright here on SHARE.


This section will provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding uCoach|SHARE.


In this section you will learn how to report inappropriate or abusive content to the SHARE administrators.


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