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UKA has developed and delivered the Aviva Elevating Athletics resource pack to every state school in the UK.

Awareness courses to support its roll out are staged in each home nation, delivered by the respective Home Country Athletics Federation. Teachers can attend these as part of their Continuing Professional Development and as preparation for athletics delivery, wihtin the National Curriculum.. 

Aviva Elevating Athletics courses aim to give teachers and others working in schools the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver enjoyable and engaging lessons that focus on increasing understanding, skill acquisition, maximum participation and enjoyment. The course and pack content demonstrates how to achieve progression across all age groups in generic running, jumping and throwing activities that build upon the core strength of our sport in forming the basis of all other sporting athleticism.

One of the underlying aims of the courses is to bring alive the teaching of athletics, particularly in the run up to 2012. We are confident that we can help teachers succeed in enthusing pupils of all ages and abilities to find, and participate in, events that they find fun and which allow them to achieve success, at whatever level.

For further information about Aviva Elevating Athletics visit the Aviva UKA Academy


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