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Julien Raffalli: Pole Vaulting; an art, not a science (Part 1)

Julien Raffalli presents to UK pole vault coaches on his coaching and training philosophy and how his French influence has guided this, the programe he sets for his athletes, how he develops athletes from Junior to Senior level and the importance he places on gaining International competition experience.

Julien Raffalli, was born in France, where he trained as a pole vaulter under the tutelage of his father, Jean-Francois. He achieved his personal best of 5.20m as a junior. It became the good fortune of British pole vault when he was forced to move to Manchester with work and has developed one of the premier pole vault groups in the country. Coach to Katie Byres, British Junior Record holder and P.B. of 4.52m at only 18 years of age, and Andy Sutcliffe, European Junior bronze medallist and personal best of 5.55m. He also Coach current British Record holder indoors and out, Holly Bleasdale from when she started in the sport to her 4.87m indoor personal best and 6th place in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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  • Uploaded: 07.10.2012
  • Duration: 00:26:58
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