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Training for 400m with Richard Buck

In this video UKA Apprentice Coach Steve Fudge and UKA Strategic Head of Coaching Kevin Tyler take 2011 European Indoor Medalist Richard Buck through a specific endurance workout for the 400m.

This video was shot to provide an insight into the thinking behind a coaching session with an elite senior performance athlete and also how a mentoring relationship may exist between coaches working with athletes at this performance level. While the degree of detail addressed in this video may be most appropriate for a full time coach working with elite performance athletes the underpinning messages regarding a focus on technical improvement, constant athlete evaluation, adjusting the workouts to take into consideration the athlete's physical and mental status on the day and competancy based skill progression are all relevant to coaches working all athlete populations across every event group.


Training Notes:

The session that day - from a roll over start: 4x10m, 3x30m; from blocks 3x30m, speed work: 1x60m (95%); specific endurance work: 300m [20min] 200m (>95%). Definitions of the various types of sprint training methods can be found in the Classifying Sprint Training Methods article.

Running into the first round in Paris his training was as follows (all high intensity work completed at 95% in spikes, extensive tempo at less than 70%):

13 = Race Aviva Grand Prix, NIA (46.77s)

12 = Race Midland Counties Open Meeting, NIA (46.38s)

11 = Race recovery & soft tissue therapy

10 = Extensive tempo (trainers) & soft tissue therapy

9 = Acceleration/maximum speed (40m/50m/60m/80m/100m)/bench press

8 = OFF

7 = Acceleration/specific endurance (250m @ race pace)

6 = Extensive tempo (in trainers) & soft tissue

5 = Acceleration/specific endurance (1 x 200m @ race pace)/bench press

4 = Extensive tempo & soft tissue

3 = Acceleration/speed endurance (1 x 80m)/soft tissue

2 = Travel day

1 = Warm-up and warm-down

0 = Euro Indoor Champs Heats (46.57s), Semi-Final (46.79s)

-1 = Final (46.62) BRONZE

-2 = 4x100m Relay anchor leg in Paris (46.0s) SILVER

During the 17 weeks of work leading up to Paris (12 weeks of preparation and 5 weeks of competition) he completed 51 specific sessions for a total volume of 30,580m of high intensity sprint work (greater than 95% intensity in spikes). His average volume per session was 600m, with a peak volume of around 1400m coming early in his preparation. In hindsight, Richard took 43 specific workouts to achieve his seasons best, which occurred at the Midland Counties Open Meeting (46.38s). However, the Paris track was considerably slower than the NIA so his opening European Championships Heat won in 46.5 was probably a relatively better performance meaning that his true peak occurred at 49-51 sessions. The competition block going into Paris consisted of 4 competitive weeks comprised of 3 weekends and 5 races.

  • Uploaded: 25.12.2016
  • Duration: 00:46:51
  • Views: 3713


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