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Upper Body Mobility for Running (Part Two)

In this video UKA Apprentice Coach Steve Fudge discusses the importance of shoulder mobility for runners. While Steve is predominantly working with sprinters these ideas apply equally to endurance and jump athletes. Throws coaches can also take certain elements of this video to address specific issues such as chest and lat tightness or thoracic mobility.

In part one Steve identified and explained three key areas – thoracic mobility, scapula function and chest and lat tension – that all contribute to optimal shoulder function during running.

In this follow up video Steve demonstrates how to put theory into practice by applying this knowledge to create a simple upper body warm up to restore and maintain shoulder mobility.

This video clearly demonstrates how a foundation in functional anatomy helps coaches create programmes for their athletes to address specific issues. As an apprentice coach Steve created this warm up over a period of two weeks following internet research regarding shoulder stability and function. He then checked his findings with local coaches and physios who already had a background in the area before finalising the programme. A similar process can be applied to any other area of the body for any event.

Upper Body Warm Up Recap

Section 1: Thoracic Extension & Mobility

General Movements

  • Alternate Arm Rotation FWD x 20m
  • Alternate Arm Rotation BWD x 20m

Thoracic Extension

  • Foam Roller Extension x 10
  • Tennis Ball Extension x 10
  • Thoracic Dissociation x 10

Thoracic Rotation

  • Side-Lying Windmill x 10
  • Quadruped Thoracic Rotation & Extension x 10
  • Indian Style Thoracic Mobilisation x 10

Section 2: Scapular Functioning

General Movements

  • Alternate Arm Rotation FWD (Acute Angle) x 20m
  • Alternate Arm Rotation BWD (Acute Angle) x 20m

Serratus Anterior and Lower Trapezius Focus

  • Prone YTW x10
  • Press-Up Plus x10
  • Overhead Shrug x10
  • Incline Press Up Plus x 10
  • Face Pull x 10
  • Chin-Up & Hold 3x15s


General Movement

  • Double Arm Rotation FWD x 20m
  • Double Arm Rotation BWD x 20m

Chest & Lat Stretches

  • Chest: Rotational Press-Up x 10
  • Lats: Kneeling Lat Stretch x 10
  • Chest: Wall YTW x 10
  • Lats: Wall Lat Stretch x 60s
  • Chest: Diagonal PNF Arms Swings x 10

General Movement

  • Double Arm Rotation FWD (Acute Angle) x 20m
  • Double Arm Rotation BWD (Acute Angle) x 20m

  • Uploaded: 28.07.2016
  • Duration: 00:40:36
  • Views: 3543


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Comments (2)

  1. Posted by Anonymous on 22/07/2016 at 12:09 PM

    I have found this video very useful and I would be very greatful if you could provide a link to part one as I am unable to find it using the search function and the link within this page points to the wrong article. Thank you in advance

  2. Posted by Richard Buck (uCoach) on 22/07/2016 at 02:44 PM - Admin Comment

    Part one has just been re-released as the code had broken down - the new link is:

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